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As trade fair agency EVENTAGENTUR artimage brings your message on the road

Event experience – when it comes to roadshows, this word gets a whole new meaning. EVENTAGENTUR artimage executes fair events that tour the German-speaking area and always hit the spot. With the full service of a trade fair agency we make your roadshow a recurring success. After all, in this context the keyword is: creative standardisation. Customers of EVENTAGENTUR artimage
showing any wear. A roadshow organised by EVENTAGENTUR artimage goes on, and on, and on … And stops where your success is at its peak.

From the postage stamp to the ballroom: Roadshow marketing must be flexible in its design

Companies that present their service or product portfolio via roadshow, have chosen an exciting marketing tool. The message tours the region or country and is brought directly to the people. But: The conditions at the different locations are never identical. E.g. the layout or ceiling heights of the event venues can vary dramatically. To safeguard that the mobile exhibition always works the same, we stage the key message as modular setting. In order to do so, we diligently analyse the message during the conception of the roadshow marketing. We ask:

  • Who is the target group?
  • What is conveyed?
  • What atmosphere is to be created?
  • How many people have to be on-site?
  • Which services should be provided?
  • Will live-acts be part of the show?

From the sum of all this data we design a promotion event that  can adapt to the changing frame conditions.All the while the typical character as well as the highest functionality remain intact.


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An event agency as trade fair agency: That multiplies creativity and benefit of the roadshow

Industry as well as small and medium-sized businesses in North Rhine-Westphalia know EVENTAGENTUR artimage as service provider in the event sector. For us to offer these competencies also for in-house fairs and promotion events is only consistent. Each successful live communication – be it a one-time thing or recurring – conveys the key message in a concentrated manner. That is why we ask our customers: What is the reason for your event? From the answer we develop the conception – for singular events as well as recurring promotion events.

Best practice trade fair agency: the roadshow for LANXESS university marketing

Special focus on the contact: That is what participants and visitors of a trade fair expect. As roadshow agency we provide the basis with the added full service of an event agency. Questions in respect to set-up and dismantling, technology, beverages, lighting – that’s our thing. Our activities for the university marketing department of the LANXESS AG serves as a fitting example. A flexible team for which we implement up to 15 roadshow marketing events per year at regional universities and trade fair locations in North Rhine-Westphalia. Our service: The modular booth system is stored at EVENTAGENTUR artimage, along with info material, technical equipment and give-aways. On agreed dates, we have everything at the ready thanks to our perfectly organised event logistics. The consultation team at LANXESS AG simply comes to the booth and starts with the interviews. We apply these special services from our portfolio as roadshow agency:

 1. Creative Services

 2. Booking / Phase 1 Execution

3. Permits

4. Event / Phase 2 Execution

5. Follow-up

The university marketing team at LANXESS AG can rely on the fact that the high quality of our services is guaranteed at each promotion event. Thanks to our experience and qualified test runs we make every presentation “tour-able”.

Always the same doesn’t equal boring – but it’s a prerequisite for a successful roadshow

Roadshow marketing with EVENTAGENTUR artimage is a little bit like travelling in a self-driving car. Just get in and go. Our customers can rely (almost) blindly on our event management. And this is how it works: According to an agreed schedule, or sometimes even spontaneously, we set up the mobile exhibition at the determined locations, supervise it and manage the dismantling. Your team arrives on-site and can start immediately. With our trade fair agency services, you are free in your thinking and acting. Because your promotion event simply works.
By the way: Many customers make use of our full service and store all equipment at our agency. In this way, all components, from the dustbin to the tent, are always at hand, in the truck and on-site. EVENTAGENTUR artimage is perfectly “tour-able”. We’d love to move you in a new direction … Just contact us. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your ideas. Susanne and Ulrich Kämmerling, and the team of EVENTAGENTUR artimage


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