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Planning an event: creativity doesn’t just fall from the sky – it comes from experience

Event concepts: EVENTAGENTUR artimage starts with the purpose of the event and develops creative realisations from there

We start with the end – picture how the last curtain falls, the applause dies, the guests return happily to their world. This moment is the beginning of our event planning – and of every creative service as well. Those who know the goal of an event, can provide neat decorations, gripping programmes and reliable safety concepts. That’s correct: For us, the evacuation concept is part of the creative services. Good ideas only work, if the concept is right and everyone knows what to do.

Decoration concepts: the event – a treat for the eyes

The first impression is crucial. That is also true for events. When your guest enters the location, he must be sure: This is the right place. Colours reflect the written invitation, shapes represent the style, lighting underlines the atmosphere. The decoration sets the course. It concentrates all sensual impressions and creates a lasting image in the mind of the guest – similar to a creatively composed photography. We remember those all our lives.
Conference, corporate event, corporate anniversary or summer party: When you’re at your next event, pay attention to the decoration concept, the furnishing, the lighting. Seen it all before? Why is that so? Because more often than not the material of the hotel, location or agency is used. That’s convenient and saves money. But it also kills the atmosphere – at least at recurring events with mostly identical guest lists. Our decoration concepts

  • are inspired by trends in floristry, interior design and lifestyle,
  • reflect the spirit of the event,
  • pick up the dynamics of the programme,
  • expediently incorporate the corporate design,
  • consist of components from exclusive service partners.

EVENTAGENTUR artimage analyses the rooms and designs the individual spirit of your event.

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Programme design: It’s all about the arc of suspense – and we nail that

Events are shaped by rituals. And that’s a good thing. The guests can relax. They slip from every-day life into the special atmosphere of the event. Familiar activities like reception, address of welcome, lecture, laudatory speech, get-together or the typically German midnight soup provide security. But we also know when there’s a risk of the event becoming boring.

As event agency we provide the right balance between ritual and  rhythm. In order to do that you should include us at the earliest possible stage of the planning phase. Together we will discuss the programme design:

  • Who is the presenter?
  • Which background knowledge is required?
  • How are the contents conveyed?
  • Is there a stage or are there special spatial conditions at the location?
  • What is the message?

Coordination à la flik-flak: EVENTAGENTUR artimage plans your programme from the end to the start and realises it precisely in accordance with the goal.

Event conception: we have the famous “central theme” under contract

If the idea of the event has a lasting effect, from the invitation and the smiling service personnel to the top act and finally the shuttle back to the hotel, then we have found it: the “central theme”. There is just no better word for the consequent realisation of an event idea. The event concept is the sister of the programme design. They belong together, and yet they are different. The event concept asks: What is the reason for the event? Our event planners use the answers to that question as basis for the programme. We ask:

  • What idea do you want to convey?
  • What kind of event makes sense?
  • Corporate event, summer party, roadshow?
  • What is the budget and how is it allocated to decoration, catering and show?
  • What atmosphere is to be created – elegant, extroverted, down-to-earth or puristic?

For EVENTAGENTUR artimage and the customer, the event conception is the basis for the subsequent “calibration”. It provides security during large projects and offers variables.

Consultation: requires understanding

Which idea to we take up? What is better left untouched? During the consultation, the customers of EVENTAGENTUR artimage quickly learn to trust in our competencies. These are

  • experience,
  • diligence,
  • reliability,
  • adherence to schedules and budgets,
  • quality,
  • capacity for teamwork,
  • leadership skills,
  • management skills,
  • and an unswerving sense of style.

For us as event pros, the event consultation is definitely part of the creative phase. Knowing the components of an event as well as we do provides surety and the ability to develop a project truly creatively. That is why we often understand “consultation” as a duty to advise against an idea or an agenda item. In close coordination with you we ponder, vary or clearly say: no.

With EVENTAGENTUR artimage you have an honest and reliable partner.

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Safety concept: make the safe bet with your event

What does evacuation have to do with creativity? More than you might think! Official regulations in respect to the safety of events govern our event planning. And if a stage, a speaker, or a display cannot be positioned as planned, then it all comes down to creativity. We find new solutions that are in accordance with regulations and save the whole concept. “Safety first” means

  • to ensure the safety of guests and staff,
  • to design evacuation plans and submit these in writing and in time to the authorities,
  • to put up well-visible information for the fire department and adapt it according to the event progress.

Did you know that events with public character on your own company premises are subject to the approval of the authorities? That concerns i.a.:

  • open house days
  • in-house fairs
  • company celebrations
  • summer parties

We take care of the development, planning and realisation of all measures in respect to event safety and of the evacuation concept.

EVENTAGENTUR artimage: play it safe with us as your partner

Visualisation: bringing ideas into reality with virtual layout planning

“And how would that look like?” This question accompanies every event planning. And it is indeed a valid one. Lighting, seating arrangements, decorations – every detail defines expression and functionality of a location. By using virtual layout planning, we provide our customers with a faithful design beforehand that already amazes them in digital form. During the planning we find out whether the chosen location lives up to its promise. In this phase, an alternative can still be explored if necessary. For years, virtual planning systems have helped us to consolidate demand and reality. At EVENTAGENTUR artimage we work with easyRAUM – a specialist for software in the event business. Very convincing:

  • Realistic visualisation by means of 3D event software
  • True-to-scale measuring and arrangement
  • Easy to use for our customers
  • Presentation as film or 360° panorama
  • Interface to the products of our system partners like furniture suppliers
  • Direct integration in approval procedures regarding safety and evacuation

Digital media give your event the personal touch.

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Catering concepts: one pinch of individuality

Not only the way to your guests’ heart goes through their stomach, but also the way to success. The culinary accompaniment adds zest to your event. And it’s not only the good taste of the dishes that accomplishes that. When it comes to catering concepts, we consider the following aspects:

  • The event idea should be conveyed atmospherically – Mediterranean cuisine for the summer party, a retro-style buffet for the corporate anniversary, molecular gastronomy for the innovation workshop…
  • Adapting the quantities to the needs of the guests – older people and children simply eat less and feel valued, if this is taken into account.
  • Vegetarian cuisine and preparations that meet special nutrition requirements, are a given.
  • “Local and seasonal” – together with our partners we try to design all catering concepts as sustainably as possible.
  • The careful handling of resources is also part of the sustainable concept. But sometimes there is just no way around disposable tableware. Then we use e.g. plates made of palm leaves or straws from renewable materials.
  • The budget provides the framework for the culinary ideas – sometimes less is really more. For example, it might make sense to do without expensive meat and rather invest the money in nice decorations or a professional DJ.

In our network we have professional freelance cooks, catering providers, beverage suppliers and top service personnel. Susanne Kämmerling coordinates the external services for individual event gastronomy. You will profit from her experience as specialist for hotel and catering services who has worked as manager F&B all over the world.  

Technical Event Planning

“Technology must not limit us in our creativity”, says Ulrich Kämmerling. Together with the team of EVENTAGENTUR artimage he has learned that there are always more possibilities than the first impression might suggest:

  • Rethinking space: conference rooms in hotels, halls at fairs, lobbies in companies, they all can be emptied and furnished anew – the same goes for technology.
  • Noise control and safety regulations are the determining factors that really matter – everything else can be designed in terms of atmosphere.
  • The contacts on-site are included actively. EVENTAGENTUR artimage relies on the knowledge of the local staff, but expects flexibility in return.

Event technology by EVENTAGENTUR artimage is viable and affordable. Ulrich Kämmerling’s experience in this area in combination with a highly professional network make sure of that.  

Budget Management

You can spend the money only once, as they say. It’s the “how” that matters. Already during the creative planning phase, we analyse the volume of the budget exactly. As EVENTAGENTUR artimage doesn’t offer off-the-shelf events, every item can be included in the budget planning individually:

  • We ask: What is the thematic priority of the event? Conveying knowledge, entertainment, relaxation… The budget is planned according to the answer. An enchanting singer needs perfect acoustics. Then we invest in the technical equipment and keep the buffet simple. The food should be sumptuous? Then a simple stage programme will do and there will be exciting background music from the playlist.

The “equal share” approach is not the EVENTAGENTUR artimage way. Together with our customer we concentrate on the key message and plan the budget accordingly. Our experience saves money that we can use for nice surprises instead. Trust, diligence and transparency form the basis for every budget management that we undertake on behalf of our customers.  

Location Scouting

Creativity is the sum of association and experience. Count on us: EVENTAGENTUR artimage – your creative partner for corporate events. You can contact us at +49 (0)214-850 19 25 or send an email to info@artimage.de.

We admit: We look at our surroundings with different eyes than most people. Sites, houses and even green spaces that are special – we make a mental note of all of them. In this case, “special” doesn’t mean noble or pompous. A good location serves the event idea and is its temporary home:

  • Power, water, personnel or garbage disposal – we can place them anywhere.
  • Naturally, we also consider nature conservation and the needs of the residents.

First, we check the ideas of our customers. Should a problem arise, we look for alternatives. Aside from the proven and tested we constantly discover new things. Throughout the year we get invitations to the most exciting places – all over Germany.

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