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Event design: visions for the event – just within your grasp

Requests, checking, booking: EVENTAGENTUR artimage realises creative ideas with entertainment and event modules

Regularly, the desks at our event agency transform into a stage. Samba groups are dancing on the screens. Comp cards of magicians are piled up on the desks. And the music of a chamber orchestra fills the room… Don’t worry: not all at the same time! After the creative phase and the assignment by the customer, our team starts the internal process of designing the event in order to showcase you adequately. Project managers and assistants trace the vision, look for the right acts and check their availability and prices. Did you know? EVENTAGENTUR artimage also offers these services separately. Read about it in detail.

The event module: when the guests participate

An event module is always focused on the guest or a group and their perceptions or actions. Guests can either be included actively or may play a passive role. Experiences, e.g. conveyed by a VR headset, motivate them to take part actively. Styling or painting the faces of children on the other hand puts the guests in an observant role.

When EVENTAGENTUR artimage plans an event, the choice of event modules is always in tune with the theme of your event.
In the process, an inspiring arc of suspense can be created. Ice stock sport during summer? The winter maintenance staff really enjoyed that at their summer party. Just as the combination of traditional entertainment and innovative technology can fascinate the guests: For instance, at an event that was attended exclusively by men, a high striker and car races alternated in Virtual Reality. You want to do away with clichés? We’ll find the right activities that play along nicely.

The event module not only provides fun but also structure.  Optically and spatially speaking the attraction must be designed in a manner that the visitors are sure to find their way to it, have enough space and can enjoy it without stress. Event modules that are really synced lead the stream of visitors, support the timing of the event and create a balance between excitement and relaxation.

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The event pros at EVENTAGENTUR artimage plan event modules for:

  • indoor and/or outdoor activities,
  • certain groups that can be homogeneous or heterogeneous,
  • active and passive experiences,
  • a defined goal of the event.

Activities, creativity, gastronomy or conveyance of knowledge can be in the focus of an event module or an event circuit. Therefore, we hire special providers and professional accompanying personnel. If possible, we make use of our own in-house pool in terms of equipment. Otherwise? Well, we have a huge network and cooperate with exclusive service providers. In this way, EVENTAGENTUR artimage is able to provide even long-time customers with ever new surprises for corporate events, summer parties and roadshows.

Entertainment: something to remember

Entertainment is a gift for your guests. Music, song, dance, cabaret, poetry, drama, magic… In accordance with your message EVENTAGENTUR artimage checks and books the perfect entertainment. The right choice often requires a sensitive touch. Sometimes a coach with a sense of humour is just the right thing – a comedian would be too giggly, a cabaret artist too critical. Additionally, we always keep the factor “image” in mind. How famous should or may the performing person be?

We have a keen sense of the internal and external effect of your event.

With entertainment you create enthusiasm for your idea among the guests – in a charming and subtle way. But just like the event modules, entertainment cannot be looked at in an isolated way. Big star, impressive acrobatics, skilled presenter – nothing will really move your guests, if content and shape do not form a unity. Let’s be honest: We are critical when it comes to personal predilections and passions for certain showbiz stars, when they’re not right for the event. As event agencies we place great emphasis on the following:

  • Do event and presentation match in form and content?
  • Does the show act harmonise with the rest of the programme – not to forget the budget?
  • What does the target group expect?
  • Can artist or band picture themselves in this environment?

A carefully chosen entertainment takes a lot of pressure off the host. Especially at anniversaries or corporate events the hosts often find themselves in the role of a master of ceremonies. But it doesn’t have to be this way. A professional presentation and finely tuned entertainment “speak” on behalf of the inviter. You can concentrate on the communication with every single guest and enjoy the entertainment together with all of them.

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Event Logistics

An event brings joy… But neither time nor money. In order for man and material to act as effectively as possible on the day of the event, we create the event logistics. Carefully we go over the preparations and the event itself in advance.

At which time can we access the premises or the hall? Where do we get power? How do the loading routes look like? Where can the artists get changed? Does the caterer need a logistics area, and if he does, how big? There is a small selection of typical questions that we ask and answer ourselves and our system partners.

This planning of layout and time already begins early during our projects in order to make sure that

  • we don’t order anything, that isn’t really needed,
  • everything that is required is on-site,
  • all permits can be acquired,
  • transport logistics work.

We get binding commitments from actors and system partners. In return we create schedules that are completely reliable.

Stage programme: we unite stage and visitor

Would you last the whole “Oscar” ceremony without having a drink? Over decades, the show has been described as lengthy. And in 2018, in its shortened form it was too flat. Keeping the attention up during the stage programme is an art – and we have mastered it. We make use of the fact that the guest is only a spectator, doesn’t become active himself and that only a few of his senses are addressed. Observance and hearing must be kept awake just as much as the mind:    

  • If a speech is held: Is the person experienced or does he or she need assistance?
  • How do multi-media and stage decorations underline the speech?
  • How irritating are dance, music or play – should technology be used in a soothing way?

Softening and stimulating – we have many ways to do that. That is why EVENTAGENTUR artimage likes to play an active role in the design of the stage programme.

Entertainment: fun is a serious business

“Art is beautiful, but requires a lot of work.” Almost everyone knows this quote by the great Karl Valentin. The same is true for entertainment. In order for the guests to relax, escape everyday-life and enjoy the party in a stress-free way, we put a lot of thought into the entertainment in advance. One might say: We isolate the goal of the event with regards to content and find artists that have specialised in that.

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Engagement of Artists

When artist and audience meet, it must be love at first sight. Even if it gets loud, unromantic or pensive: It’s the relationship that matters. There must be a spark. Irritation is okay, too. As is calm. The artist is part of the stage or entertainment programme. Carefully chosen by us in accordance with the overall atmosphere of the event.

EVENTAGENTUR artimage offers:   

  • engagement of artists for external events as well as for our own productions,
  • an independent market overview,
  • experience from years of cooperation with an artist agency in Cologne.

Aside from researching artists, we are also happy to take care of the planning of their performance. Our customers profit from our independence.

Themed Events

You could say that themed events captivate in order to free the mind – be it a training workshop or a summer party. Every time, EVENTAGENTUR artimage creates a world in which the guests can immerse themselves, where they can have fun or learn something. Our research in respect to themed events ranges from gimmicks and gastronomy to decorations and of course artists or walking acts.  

From EVENTAGENTUR artimage you can expect:   

  • a highly individual themed event,
  • the presentation of your idea by means of mood boards,
  • preparation in form of 3D animations,
  • cost plans that are transparent and in accordance with the budget.

Honestly? We like it big! Then, the joy is especially intense because we can implement the theme in even the smallest detail.

Transport Logistics

No road too long, no location too exotic. With an exact planning of the transport logistics, technology, equipment as well as catering and contributors arrive on-site – safely and on time. What we check in advance:

  • Are there access restrictions or road blocks?
  • Will professional drivers be hired (only they are allowed to transport third-party materials)?
  • Do they adhere to the allowed driving times?
  • Do we need to make special arrangements with the regulatory agency or the police?

Transport logistics are closely connected to event logistics. Very convenient: The routes of EVENTAGENTUR artimage are short and all details will be included in the planning programme. Every team member is in the picture. In case of external requests, we can react directly and promptly.  

Special services… Make the event especially great

Special services are always provided by people: hostesses, paramedics, security and fire control make sure that the event takes places safely and without dangers or misunderstandings. They do their job in the background, always vigilant and matching the course of events. During the planning phase we ask:

  • What potential for danger is there?
  • How many people do we expect?
  • What kind of specialists do we need?
  • How high is the insurance risk?

All factors are analysed and balanced accordingly. Then, our system partners send out professionally trained service personnel and paramedics that fit the high quality standard of your event perfectly.

Entertainment and event modules: The EVENTAGENTUR artimage team unites diligence and spirit for your corporate event. Let’s talk about your event design. You can contact us at +49 (0)214-850 19 25 or send an email to info@artimage.de.


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