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Event management: celebrating according to plan – that’s how your event becomes a success

EVENTAGENTUR artimage realises your event with a sense of responsibility

Yes, at the beginning of every event we can say: it works. Because our event management starts at that exact point, the event itself. As event agency with much experience we give the idea a shape and make sure that it is realised exactly according to plan. As host and creative director, you can simply relax. We take care of the rest. How? Let us explain…

Realising a one-day event on-site can take up to a week. Clearing out the location, furnishing and decorating it, providing power supply, installing technology and stage, dismantling, cleaning… For amateurs a Herculean task. For pros like us a challenge that we master with respect. We tackle each project with a fresh mind, even for customers with whom we have been cooperating for years. Routine is the enemy of safety and creativity. And since we plan each event individually, the motivation during the implementation is just as high. Of course, we trust in our know-how – but we don’t rely on it.

Event direction: an internalised sense of responsibility

Every larger project needs a central person that has everything under control, an event director. He or she has internalised the goal, spirit and realisation of the event. This person is always available. The director’s task: monitor everything, and intervene in case of discrepancies. This person has all the responsibility and also the right to interrupt or stop the event if necessary.

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Event management: smart men and women of action

Event managers execute the planning of an event. They are responsible for

  • artists,
  • catering,
  • cleanliness.

Depending on the size of the event, the tasks are either divided or united in one person. An event management that is tailored to your needs.

Programme direction: all according to plan

Like a stage manager at the theatre, the programme direction makes sure that the right person is in the right place. With a stop watch, a sharp mind and ever on the move, the programme direction moves among the participants of your event. Every module is anticipated and the pressure is kept away from artists, presenters, service personnel and hosts.

Event equipment: a look that is sure to amaze

Furniture, flowers, decorations – the equipment of an event provides the first impression. With love for detail and a sense of quality EVENTAGENTUR artimage carefully selects each accessory. The idea of the event is reflected in shape and colour. What no one knows: Each item has been checked in respect to safety. Fabrics are flame resistant, stools remain steady, the carpeting doesn’t emit harmful substances. And there is more: Especially when it comes to the catering, sustainability is our number one priority. If glass and porcelain have to sit on the bench, we use tableware that is 100% recyclable.


Castles and palaces are intrinsically full of character. But even they need a little adjustment in some way or another to make sure they match the overall event design. Mostly, it’s about providing the hall or premises with a face-lift. In the process, some spots are skilfully covered up. The focus always lies on providing free moving space for guests, service and first responders. Once the paths are clear, we focus on visual appearance from the inside to the direct surroundings – often catchy, seldom functional. For instance, lamps can shine their light not only in the hall but in the surrounding trees as well. There is not thematic break between the indoors and the outdoors.  

Decoration: setting it up and dismantling it just right

Sometimes our decoration is a façade. E.g. when it covers up unattractive spots. Otherwise it highlights beautiful elements. But it is always planned, set-up and dismantled professionally. We have a special team for installing and removing decorations. Our decorators and window dressers are crafty and always have the safety measures in mind. Here, indoor and outdoor decorations are truly in best hands.

Event support: an internalised sense of service

The executors and visitors of an event have questions, are supposed to feel comfortable, require one thing or another… The event support is responsible for all those needs. If necessary, it links the different players. Now you’ll ask: What’s the difference between event direction and support? Excellent question! To put it plainly: The direction seems to do nothing except keeping an eye on the whole event. But it is quite the challenge, because this person is responsible for everything that happens. The event support on the other hand takes care of the small details and updates the direction with status reports.

Stage management: the incarnation of punctuality

(Almost) nothing happens by chance. What seems easy-going and casual has been planned meticulously in advance. In order for the punch line to hit the target, everything must run like clockwork. That’s where the stage management comes in. From the glass of water for the speaker to the smooth alteration of the stage tech. Like the stage manager at the theatre, the stage management informs all participants beforehand and can notify the event direction in case of discrepancies.  

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Artist support: taking care of everybody

Our customers benefit from Ulrich Kämmerling’s experience at an artist agency. He was on the road with several bands and knows what life in a tour bus is like. His experience: Artists may be sensitive but they are not any more touchy than other people. They just need enough attention! EVENTAGENTUR artimage makes sure that they get it. “Our” artists feel at home, be it in front of the stage, backstage or on-stage. There is a parking space for them when they arrive, or a nice hotel room, if required. From the towel to the sound on-stage, everything is prepared as requested. Payment takes place punctually. And they get critical feedback. Conclusion: Artists that can concentrate on their job are really good.  

Traffic management: making sure that your event isn’t a dead end

Every event produces an exceptional traffic volume. More means of transport want to reach the destination. First, there are the suppliers, protagonists and we as agency. Then the guests invade the location. Parking spaces and activity areas have been allocated during the planning phase. Now the protagonists have to be led there effectively. We organise regulations for temporary one-way streets or the signposting for bicycle parking spaces – clearly visible, coherently sign-posted and equipped with service personnel.    

Floristry: flower power for the event

They are the last to arrive, but they are never too late: our flower decorations. Absolutely fresh and always arranged in style – flowers provide the event with natural vitality. There is just no replacement for high-quality flower arrangements. Personally, we love the exceptional. That doesn’t need to be expensive. From the cactus to the orchid, we use whatever makes the atmosphere bloom.

Hospitality: a well-scheduled welcome

We always try to imagine: How does the guest feel when he checks in his coat, enters the hall, sees the buffet, or wants to return to the hotel… We accompany the guests of your event – always discreet but always attentive. We do that theoretically in advance and practically during the event with our excellent service staff. Visitors who are unsure and are looking for something also lose the connection to the intention of your event. Hospitality provides physical satisfaction in order to keep the mind on edge.

Tent construction / temporary space solutions: modular possibilities

Tents are the multi-talents of the event: modular and flexible. But they cannot be handled like your every-day beach tent.   These tents are so-called “temporary structures”. And they are governed by regulations. Naturally, we know these regulations just as well as the construction manual. We take heed of the escape routes, mount fire extinguishers and install emergency lighting. Like an architect, we use the tents to install flexible room expansions for cloakroom, check-in and buffet. Or we create a sheltered space on a green meadow that secures the unhindered experience of nature.    

Signposting: this way please!

Not too much, not too little – that’s the art of installing signage on-site. The visitors must be guided, not confused. When designing the layout of an event, we already plan the signposting. For instance, we take into account that historical buildings cannot be altered in their outer appearance. Implemented correctly, it helps to direct the stream of visitors and takes pressure off the hostesses.  

Power and water supply, sanitation: we have a clean solution

Nothing  works without power and water… Especially not in the restrooms. For the basics to work we plan everything concerning the supply of the event ourselves. DIXI toilets are positioned elegantly yet conveniently. Electric cables never pose tripping hazards. The water runs clearly and efficiently where it is needed. We keep the event running in every sense of the word…

Be it a Christmas party with sixty guests or a district festival with hundreds of visitors: With EVENTAGENTUR artimage your event runs like clockwork. Relevant tasks like event direction, event management, programme direction and event equipment are performed by different pros from our team and are bundled in one person.

Event direction, event management, programme direction and event equipment: We also offer our competencies separately. You are welcome to include  EVENTAGENTUR artimage in your event management. Let’s talk about it – by phone at +49 (0)214-850 19 25 or send an email to info@artimage.de.

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