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Register the event, have it approved and execute it: the perfect event perfectly in order

What permits are required for the event? EVENTAGENTUR artimage knows the regulations and uses that knowledge to your advantage

Did you know that a summer party on your own company property requires an event permit? As soon as your guests celebrate in your halls, offices or parking spaces it is a “use for a special purpose”. To make sure that everyone has fun and is properly insured, just in case, EVENTAGENTUR artimage analyses the whole programme in respect to safety. And you? You just take care of your guests.

Event authorisation: coincidences are not invited

At EVENTAGENTUR artimage we approve of laws and regulations governing the event. They don’t restrict but rather open up spaces. With a consequent safety concept we unburden ourselves so that everyone can just concentrate on the essentials: the content of the event.

Already during the creative phase of your event, we constantly have one eye on safety issues. During the execution these are addressed concretely. We differentiate between concepts for the indoor and the outdoor area. Of course, these can also intertwine. We develop evacuation concepts for the indoor area. The number of persons (guests, artists, service, our staff) are in relation to the space and its division. What routes are necessary for the event and for emergencies? The evacuation concept is approved by the relevant authorities and the permit is sent to the contributors. Since we leave nothing to chance, changes in respect to content that may affect the safety concept of the event are ruled out weeks before the event.

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The outdoor area often requires construction permits, like the “Verordnung für fliegende Bauten” (German regulation on temporary structures).
We also analyse the impact of weather, amount and power of emissions, the impact of the stage programme with pyrotechnics or similar… The effort is comparable to the construction of a house. The crafts must concur, and the result must provide a safe place for your event.

A stable safety concept for the event is always meant for danger prevention and must be submitted to the relevant authorities at least six weeks before the event. You see: What the visitors perceive as easy-going and entertaining has been planned by our event agency with much precision. Once the event is well underway, we use the safety concept for the indoor and outdoor areas as a kind of bannister along which we can move without danger.

Hindsight is easier than foresight? We become active in advance and use our experience and the know-how of our network. For some events we add specialists to our team to make sure that you, your guests and all personnel are safe.


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GEMA and KSK: no artistic freedom when it comes to registration

Obviously, music is as much part of the event as an appealingly designed invitation. In Germany, the payment of creative services and their use are regulated by the GEMA and the KSK.

  • The “Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte” (GEMA, German association for the protection of musical performance and recording rights) is an authors’ society for musical works.
  • The “Künstlersozialkasse“ (KSK, German artists’ social security fund) provides a statutory social insurance to freelance artists and publicists, similar to the one that employees enjoy.

The two institutions have different tasks. For orderers – e.g. event agencies or companies that book them – they are compulsory. By the way, that’s regardless of whether the creative provider is organised in the corresponding association or not. The registration and payment of the individual fees are checked at random by the bodies. Non-payment can become quite expensive. We’ll be happy to counsel you. Gladly, we’ll take care of all registrations in respect to GEMA and KSK. We are always up to date and know all the procedures. Our customers appreciate this service very much because it relieves the office and the management.

Personnel allocation: the right person at the right place

Before we talk about allocating personnel: We have the right people! While well-trained and friendly staff has become a scarce commodity everywhere else, EVENTAGENTUR artimage has an abundance of committed team members. The reason:

  • actual labour protection
  • punctual payment
  • respectful contact
  • good food
  • keeping of agreements

We are honest temporary employers. Our freelancers appreciate that. With our personnel allocation we find the perfect fit for every position – from the doorman to the technician. Timing, tasks and fees are clearly defined. Questions? We are always there for our team, via the data-protected messenger or smartphone. We find the right team for every event. Our customers can be sure that everything runs smoothly and transparently when it comes to personnel – no grey areas or moonlighting.

Parking Concept

Visitors still prefer private transport. Arriving by bus or train is only slowly becoming attractive. We take these sensitivities into account, with:

  • alternative parking areas,
  • shuttle services,
  • way-finding systems and signposting,
  • personnel directing the traffic,
  • complete coordination with local authorities, town or operator.

Your guests will arrive at your event punctually and relaxedly.

You don’t need a guardian angel: Just book EVENTAGENTUR artimage and let us register your event! We consequently adhere to all regulations and make sure that everyone has fun doing his or her job. We’ll be happy to tell you more. You can contact us at +49 (0)214-850 19 25 or send an email to info@artimage.de.

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