EVENTAGENTUR artimage makes your event safe – from the advance planning to the documentation

What does evacuation have to do with creativity? More than you might think!  Official regulations in respect to the safety of events govern our event planning.  And if a stage, a speaker, or a display cannot be positioned as planned, then it all comes down to creativity. We find new solutions that are in accordance with regulations and save the whole concept. “Safety first” means

  • to ensure the safety of guests and staff,
  • to design evacuation plans and submit these in writing and in time to the authorities,
  • to put up well-visible information for the fire department and adapt it according to the event progress.

Did you know that events with public character on your own company premises are subject to the approval of the authorities? That concerns i.a.:

  • open house days
  • in-house fairs
  • corporate celebrations
  • summer parties

We take care of the development, planning and realisation of all measures in respect to event safety and of the evacuation concept.

EVENTAGENTUR artimage: play it safe with us as your partner

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For the safety of your event we choose these special services from our portfolio:

1. Creative Services

 2. Booking / Phase 1 Execution

3. Permits

4. Event / Phase 2 Execution

5. Follow-up

We’ll be happy to consult you and are looking forward to hearing from you. Susanne and Ulrich Kämmerling, and the team of EVENTAGENTUR artimage


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