The conference agency from Leverkusen plans individual concepts

Your day only has 24 hours? Our day, too! And yet we realise conferences and congresses that have a longer effect. As conference agency we stage the theme of your conference in such a coherent yet diverse way that the participants have a great time, which they will remember vividly. We visualise, which potential is hidden in a location, and design an exciting accompanying programme for your conference. In North Rhine-Westphalia, EVENTAGENTUR artimage is appreciated as partner for conferences by companies and hotels alike.

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When specialist know-how is required: our conference agency is there

Conferences are no pastime. They form the basis for the social and economic development of a society. That is why we as conference agency pay special attention to this event format – and respect. On the other hand, conferences should be lively, refreshing and inspiring. The perfect organisation of a conference not only factors in the number of participants or the amount of food. To prepare a conference is to personify the spirit and the goal. We organise each conference according to a road map. That is why our event management asks a few questions in advance:

  • Which contents are to be conveyed?
  • What atmosphere should be created?
  • Do you want a programme for accompanying persons?
  • How often has the event already taken place and what was your experience?

Your planning team, our event management and the crew of the hotel or congress centre cooperate closely. Therefore, we use digital media – but especially the personal dialogue on-site.


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How much entertainment does your conference need?

Actors learn their text easily when moving around. The same is true for people that visit a dynamic conference: they take in the contents perfectly. What is the connection? The stimulation of the attention. Aside from speakers that can perform in a lively manner, there are periodic agenda items that do not inspire as much but are essential nonetheless. Here, the organisation of a conference can provide motivating highlights: perfect technical equipment, changing lighting, coordinated acoustics and additional contributors. E.g. an illustrator can document the lecture and present it non-verbally in the foyer later on. The audience is transformed into viewers – the conception is perceived differently. As conference agency we have excellent contacts to coaches, trainers and artists.

Best practice event agency: conference for Covestro

Rethinking space: As is common, the conference hotel was already booked, and during the on-site inspection one thing became clear: The atmosphere doesn’t match the mission. It comes with the territory. A hotel is not a place of business that follows a corporate identity. It provides multi-functional rooms with conventional equipment that fit every occasion. That was exactly what we weren’t looking for. The rooms were supposed to inspire, to lead the participants and underline the atmosphere. The banquet team, however, turned out to be very flexible and implemented our checklist for the conference perfectly. Over two days, the rooms got a facelift. These special services from our portfolio were employed:

1. Creative Services

 2. Booking / Phase 1 Execution

3. Permits

4. Event / Phase 2 Execution

5. Follow-up

For instance, when the conference participants would return from lunch, the rooms had changed. A new chapter of the event was about to begin. Conferences can be sensual events. In that way their message is more memorable.

Why not lead the participants up the garden path? When everything begins with the seating …

Aside from the seating and the division of the room, we want to plan the conference to provide alternation, not disturbance. Deviations from the expected are good as long as they don’t overstrain. As conference agency, we benefit from our event experience. For each target group and according to a strict budget plan, our event planners design just the right event. You’re planning a conference that goes on tour? As event agency we are also perfectly equipped for roadshows. Communication is never one-dimensional. It always reinvents itself according to the individual requirements. We love that. Feel free to contact us in regard to congress, conference, corporate event …


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