Success is only 150cm away!

Have you also been running around with a folding rule? How much distance are 150cm really? In the office, the store or workshop – companies want to get a feeling for the new parameters. There must be a way to get a grip on Corona! In conformity with Corona regulations you reboot your production and open your doors to provide service – in part digitally and newly organised. We want to show you: The same is possible for your event.

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A good and safe idea: your event

Communication from one person to another is more precious today than ever before. Thanks to digital developments, not everything, but definitely many things are possible. To interpret body language, to raise the glass, to taste the atmosphere – all senses want to be engaged. Why should you have to do without all that?


Say “thank you” to your teams. Present your product innovation. Recruit new employees. Realise your event!


We support you with our know-how in respect to:

  • COVID-19-conform invitation management
    • starting with the selection of guests and the conclusive registration to traceability, if needed, we think of all important items beforehand.
  • Safety
    • is provided by enough distance. We ask who may sit or stand together. Groups are together without endangering each other. Fire protection and evacuation are still part of our professional services.
  • Hygiene
    • has become factor no. 1 for an event. Our certified hygiene officer consults and develops individual concepts.
  • Organisation
    • is even more detail-oriented. We now organise an event with an even keener eye for detail. That is how we contain dangers more effectively and retrace chains of infection.
  • Data Privacy
    • concerns the acquisition of the contact data of your guests. They must consent to it! We provide you with forms in conformity with the law. During the planning we already include the local regulatory agencies and health departments. Naturally, procedures for permits are our responsibility.

During the planning we already  include the local regulatory agencies and health departments. Naturally, procedures for permits are our responsibility.

We contact you!

Show confidence and reliability – become visible and unique. Be the first company of your industry to use this chance.


We provide the ideas so that you can convince as host – Corona notwithstanding

Your guests will feel safe. As host you approach other people, stay in contact and make a long-lasting, great impression. Rest assured that there will be no lack of emotions. We provide the right focus, thus guiding your guests: Lighting concepts, decorations and innovatively arranged dishes support the Corona-conform event. We transform prohibitions, barriers and admonishment into invitations for mutual respect.

As much closeness as possible and as much distance as necessary – we realise your event safely and delicately.

Questions that entrepreneurs might have:

  • How can I document contact data in accordance with EU GDPR?
  • Are Corona-compliant events sustainable?
  • Am I allowed to take the temperature of my guests at the entrance? 
  • How do I make sure that distance regulations are met?
  • Who do I have to incorporate in the planning, e.g. town administration? 

Just give us a call. We will gladly answer your questions – personally and individually.


We contact you!