EVENTAGENTUR artimage checks your goal and designs the team event accordingly

You could plant a tree together, play miniature golf at the office, have fun at the high-ropes course … You can do everything together. But why? Those who can answer this question in a qualified way already hold the basic idea for the team event in the palm of their hands. Then, we are the right partner as event agency. EVENTAGENTUR artimage from Leverkusen realises unique team-building events in North Rhine-Westphalia and all of Germany.

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Team-building measures transform the problem into a solution

When something doesn’t work right somewhere in the company, then team training is always the magic word. The idea isn’t at all bad. In a charming and playful way, the team spirit is rekindled and structural problems can be solved. In order for that to work, the initiators of team buildings as events – generally the management or head of department – need to ask the crucial question beforehand: Does the turnover stagnate? Is sales struggling? Why are so many employees ill? Has there been a strong fluctuation in the team? Those who deal with difficult situations in such an offensive manner, find an adequate way out with team activities. In order to develop a targeted event planning, our event pros ask a few questions:

  • Which occasion should be used as central theme?
  • Who is supposed to participate?
  • What should be the outcome?
  • How is sustainability ensured?

Measures for further training can be combined with a team-building event as well. The company outing is just as much part of team activities as events that take place on the premises.


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Don’t confuse the team event with an incentive!

As agency for team building we know: Team events are very different from incentives. The difference? As an event the team building prepares a group of employees for a certain task. An incentive can take place later. It is a reward for a job well done and provides motivation for upcoming projects. We say: Sensible team training is not as much geared towards consumption of entertainment as it unlocks individual creativity.

Best practice event agency: team-building measures XXL

With a live event EVENTAGENTUR artimage brought together the IT staff from different locations of the newly founded Bayer Schering Pharma company. By means of team building the participants were to realise the different competencies and reach a goal by means of jointly developed strategies. After defining the task precisely, the agency from Leverkusen developed the “Welcome Day 2007” for 1,300 participants. Inspired by the TV game classic “Games Without Borders”, the event agency formed teams from the two different enterprises and sent them on a joint expedition. While exploring different “continents”, athletic skills were as much required as applied knowledge and readiness to assume a risk. Who is best in what? Well-coordinated groups reached the finish line quickly and at ease. These special services from our portfolio were employed:

 1. Creative Services

 2. Booking / Phase 1 Execution

3. Permits

4. Event / Phase 2 Execution

5. Follow-up

Aside from the thematic conception of the overall event, the main service consisted in our extraordinary event logistics. 1,300 persons, accompanying personnel, technology and catering had to run like clockwork. But the most spectacular thing was the joy. An unconstrained, cheerful atmosphere developed quickly, sweeping everybody away. Long after it was over, the participants still talked about this extraordinary summer’s day.

When boss and employee meet on a new level, then it is a team event

Mutual trust forms through communication and action. If the members of a group are new, then team building can help. Exemplary for the job, the event agency develops and implements different scenes. These don’t always have to be about solving problems – as mentioned above. As an event team building can also work pre-emptively. Many industries have to offer further training for their employees on a regular basis. In these situations, an integrated team training could be just the thing. It supplements the “school situation” and allows for the learned information to be implemented right away.

Ice breaker on a conference, motivation during times of crisis or developing success: We develop individual proposals for your team building. You’ll probably already suspect it: At EVENTAGENTUR artimage that always is a team effort … We’ll be happy to consult you and are looking forward to hearing from you. Susanne and Ulrich Kämmerling, and the team of EVENTAGENTUR artimage


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