As “town of sports” and chemical site, Leverkusen has enjoyed an excellent reputation for many years. In its midst: EVENTAGENTUR artimage. Over time, Susanne and Ulrich Kämmerling have become true sporting event specialists. This article explains how sports can be a great ambassador for brand and message.

  • Decoration and equipment: This is how the sporting event gains the right splendour.
  • A very special team: the service.
  • Appetisers instead of sports nutrition: catering that matches the occasion.
  • Best practice: VIP area for the sporting event Ehf – Handball Champions League Final4 in Cologne.

An arena for brilliant performances.

Sport has a high profile in society and is constantly becoming more glamorous. Track and field athletes not only define their body, but their haircut and nail design as well. Tennis players are representatives of the latest fashion look. The home match of the local premier league club is now a social event where companies invite their business partners into their VIP box. Today, sport is a symbol of success and fair performance. Small and large enterprises participate in this powerful image.

The sporting event combines sports’ sincerity with the spirit of a reception. Accordingly, decoration and room set-up play an important role:

  • Colour codes of the company mingle with those of the club or the sporting event.
  • The furniture captures the look of a sports bar.
  • The lighting is dynamic.

Event tip: Announce a dress code! Everything is planned to the last detail: location, decoration, catering, stage programme … The dress code helps the the guests to integrate themselves effortlessly. Those who are obviously too casual or too elegant will not feel comfortable and won’t “fit in” – in both senses of the word. The dress code is a subtle gesture of thoughtfulness towards your guests. Those who do not comply, will have to live with the consequences.

Making the guests feel good: the service.

Actually, this is true for every event: The service must present itself as a team. Lone wolfs have no chance in the event business. From the doorman and the cloakroom attendant to the usher and the waiter: Everyone does his job while monitoring the overall course of action. Is there a guest unable to find his table? The waiter comes to the rescue or informs his colleagues.

A good event agency includes service personnel from their own pool or contacts the people on-site. In a manner of speaking it’s about developing a choreography for the sporting event. That motivates the service personnel and provides security. After all, the guests expect effective support. That requires young people with strong personalities. The event agency assesses character and qualification of each staff member and develops a corresponding plan of action. This remains unnoticed by the guests. They simply feel attentively cared for.

Appetisers instead of sports nutrition

Healthy and fresh: That’s what people expect from the catering at a sporting event. Not caviare or gold leaf provide sophistication, but spices, unusual compositions and textures.

The catering at a sporting event should express dynamic and vitality. As should the beverages: There are numerous variations of non-alcoholic beverages. Obviously, beer and wine should be on the menu, but a sporting event is allowed to promote healthy drinking pleasures. Home-made ice tea and lemonade are at the top of the list, closely followed by non-alcoholic beer with fruity aromas.

Recipe for active gourmets: Athletes’ salad à la artimage
Chef “Henk van den Born – flying cook” is part of our network. His creation, exclusively for the readers of the artimage blog:

Salad of broccoli, lentils and apple with roasted pine nuts and smoked salmon

Salad ingredients

125 g raw broccoli (contains potassium, iron, protects the skin from premature ageing)

100 g lentils (provide vital substances and proteins)

1 sour apple (mineral nutrients, fibres and pectins, good for the intestine)


200 g smoked salmon (omega-3 fatty acids)

50 g pine nuts (micro-nutrients selenium and vitamin A)

Dressing ingredients

White balsamic

2 tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp agave nectar

3 tbsp cold-pressed olive oil

Leaves of baby gem as topping


Cut raw broccoli into small pieces, keep cooked lentils at the ready, cut apple into thin strips, seed cucumbers and cut them into smalls strips. Mix dressing ingredients.

Fold dressing in the cut ingredients and let them infuse for 20 minutes. Arrange washed leaves of baby gem on a plate and place salad on top.

Arrange salmon on salad. Roast pine nuts and sprinkle them on top.

Handball event designed with a twist

273 days of preparation for 48 hours of entertainment: That’s what EVENTAGENTUR artimage did for the main sponsor of the legendary Velux EHF Final4 in Cologne.

Cementing trust

In 2019, the main sponsor Velux, a world-wide renowned manufacturer of skylights, hired us exclusively for the ninth time to conceptualise and realise the VIP module. An honour! And a task that has become bigger and bigger. In addition to the all-round service for VIP guests on the two days of tournament, the set-up of the opening celebration on Friday evening has become another task we have been entrusted with over the last years.

The event: as smooth as a handball

To work for a customer in such a comprising way, generally makes the task easier. The processes of coordination remain in our hands and are transparent to the customer.

240 m2 of red carpet

Every great show starts with this accessory – as did this handball event for the VIP guests. They stride across the obligatory carpeting to the VIP reception where they are welcomed by our team. And on they go into the “Clubraum Ost”, completely designed by artimage, to the kick-off of a really extraordinary sporting event. From the catering to the flower decorations, we have taken care of everything and arranged it correspondingly. The guests enjoy the finest dishes and musical entertainment with live music.

Simultaneously active at different locations

During the night from Friday to Saturday, the set-up at the club area and the boxes are redesigned and prepared for the first day of the tournament. Another team accompanies the autograph session of the athletes in the city of Cologne.

Eight employees of EVENTAGENTUR artimage and numerous system service providers make such a demanding event possible. Perfect planning and flexible decisions on-site are our speciality. Thank you, Velux, for your trust!