People want to be mesmerized. That is why behind every stage programme that enchants the audience there is a calculated plan. With the programme design an event agency creates structures for special experiences of your guests. That’s not magic, its experience and a sense for the feasible. 

  • Programme design: What is that anyhow?
  • It’s what creates an arc of suspense.
  • Here’s a video interview with the magician Giovanni Alecci: “The everyday occurrence is the star.”

Programme design: the sister of the event conception

“What is the reason for your event?” That is what we ask all our potential customers when meeting them for the first time. The most common answer: We celebrate an anniversary. We inaugurate another factory building. Or: We have a new product. Naturally, that is all true and we use it as orientation. But only a short way into the conversation we learn: There’s a reason behind the anniversary, the expansion or the new product. Maybe the company wants to say “thank you” to a long-term customer. Or the relationship to old customers is to be renewed. Or the goal is to open up new markets. We support our customers in sending out truly captivating and sustainable messages. From these ideas we develop the event conception.

The programme design is part of the concept. It stages the reason for the event in all its facets. The programme takes the guest on a journey. The goal is success – economic success as well as emotional success.

In order for a programme to work, the circumstances for the staging have to be just right:

  • What does the location look like?
  • What are the expectations of the guests?
  • How can the contents be conveyed perfectly? Via classic presentation or maybe by forming groups that participate?
  • Will there be show acts?
  • What is the most fitting musical accompaniment?
  • How traditional or fancy should the food be?
  • Will there be people with impairments that we have to include?

Ein wirkungsvolles Programm umschmeichelt die Gäste, auch wenn es An effective programme flatters the guests, even though there might be some demanding or truly exciting passages. In the end, all participants are taken by the hand so that they can pin down exactly what they have experienced.

Image factor “programme design“: Does it have to be great names that give an event its glamour? Sometimes the answer is yes. But there are also newcomers whose freshness fits the concept perfectly. Afterwards, the guests can say: “I know that guy from a summer party I have attended. A great discovery. And now he is on TV.A good programme is effective longer than the moment lasts. It deposits a business card in the memory of your guest.

Don’t overdo things when it comes to the programme design!

Creating the right suspense is similar to using salt when cooking: Too much isn’t good, as is too little. The organiser knows all the contents, is knee-deep in the goings-on. That is good. You identify yourself with your message. But: The louder and more often you shout it out, the less it is received. Crazy, huh?

Programme design? We value the principle of “presentation”.

Replacing obtrusiveness with variability is the smart thing to do. The skilled alternation of speed, intensity, colour, and volume peaks the attention of the guests. Of course, without creating fuss or chaos. It’s the presentation that counts. Masterfully, it leads the guests through all emotional worlds. A task that we tackle with a lot of respect! A good presentation asks the questions your guests have on their minds, it reveals the dominating emotions in the room, and provides stability when things threaten to get out of hand. The presentation is always one step ahead.

Simply magical: Interview with Giovanni Alecci on the charm of everyday occurrences