EVENTAGENTUR artimage makes the corporate event a sustainable ambassador of your ideas and services

A corporate event can be a clever marketing tool, as it has almost no wastage. During the event, chosen guests experience exclusive contents – nothing more, nothing less. The framework is provided e.g. by an in-house fair, an anniversary or the meeting of former employees. EVENTAGENTUR artimage charges the occasion emotionally in such a delicate way that the corporate event becomes a congenial and systematic multiplier of your values and services. A successful event will be much talked about … In the right circles

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Even Hidden Champions want to be discovered – live communication provides companies with vital contacts

Not only in North Rhine-Westphalia but in all of Germany there are successful, however often not clearly visible, small and medium-sized businesses. These Hidden Champions are usually quite happy in their role. Especially family enterprises with a rich tradition value us as reliable partner in the area of corporate events – a marketing tool that emanates confidence and authenticity in the digital age. The execution is always preceded by creative conception and careful planning. Our event planners want to know:

  • Which contents are new or should be revived?
  • Who is invited and why?
  • What effect can be achieved?
  • In which way should the corporate event be accompanied by the media?

Even global players look for our expertise as event specialists from Leverkusen, where our agency is located. Maybe the corporate event should take place in a familiar atmosphere, similar to a service club? Then, a top-class, close exchange is possible. Or is the corporate event supposed to trigger exaltation in a broader audience? Then we develop modules that target different types and expectations while simultaneously communicating an idea. Even the company outing is part of live communication.

Corporate event: impressions that don’t blur as quickly as a post in the timeline

You remember what you experience. That is why event marketing is focused on individual corporate events. We conceptualise custom-made event logistics so that you can enjoy yourself without stress, even as host, and may concentrate completely on your guests. Everything is planned, delivered and set up to the last detail. And you can profit from our excellent network. What we don’t have in terms of technology and equipment, we can get from our partners.

Best practice event agency: corporate event for Elle Decoration

On the occasion of the “imm”, the international furniture expo, the who is who of the branch assembles in Cologne. Aside from the appearance at the fair itself, it’s the free programme that matters – these are exclusive events like parties and cocktails where news and trends are communicated in a targeted way. For the magazine ELLE Decoration we arranged a corporate event at the venerable “Wolkenburg” in Cologne. Title of the event: Evening with cosy atmosphere. In close cooperation with the team of ELLE Decoration we developed the conception. Puristic-elegant furniture met the charm of Baroque architecture. We created lounge areas that invited the guests for a chat while enabling a quick shift between the groups. The lighting atmosphere was warm and stimulating at the same time. Our technology transmitted the welcome speech and following addresses just as convincingly as the atmospheric background music. For the live communication, which was just as sparkling as the Ruinart champagne we served, we chose these special services from our portfolio:

Event planning, event management and finally the execution reflect the company’s esprit. A harmonic event has the same effect as the photography of a special moment – the guests can access it time and again.

1. Kreativleistung

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 2. Buchung / Phase 1 Umsetzung

3. Genehmigung

4. Veranstaltung / Phase 2 Umsetzung

5. Nachbereitung

Eventplanung, Eventmanagement und schließlich die Umsetzung spiegeln den Esprit eines Unternehmens. Die harmonische Veranstaltung wirkt wie die Fotografie eines besonderen Moments – der Gast kann sie immer wieder im Gedächtnis abrufen.

Let flowers do the talking … Or, the quiet kind of live communication

Event marketing is top-class, provided the Corporate Identity is visible and palpable in even the smallest detail. Does the decoration reflect the colours of the logo?
Does the furniture correspond with the headquarters’ style? Aside from external signals sensory aspects have quite the impact. Does the food match the occasion? How attentive is the service? Is natural light the best choice or would the combination with artificial light sources be more suitable? All communication aspects are considered during our creative planning.

Would you like to rediscover your company with a corporate event? We’ll be happy to consult you and are looking forward to hearing from you. Susanne and Ulrich Kämmerling, and the team of EVENTAGENTUR artimage



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