Those who plan and execute their Christmas party professionally, bestow the greatest gift on their colleagues and themselves

Every year the Christmas party has whole companies on edge. Not everyone sees this event as the crowning moment of a business year. At the end of the year, the schedule is always very tight, projects must be finalised, visions need to be developed. Maybe not all goals have been achieved? And then the staff is supposed to be in a festive mood? EVENTAGENTUR artimage proves that the Christmas party can be a real gift for the business, and knows about the tax advantages for your customers.

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More than snacks and drinks: the Christmas party as event in your office

Maybe you can’t really picture it yet but we have a feeling: When it comes to Christmas parties something has to change. There are solutions for that! Exceptional Christmas parties retain employees, system partners and customers alike. You can even develop ideas for the next business year. To make sure that the Christmassy event is right for you, our event planners will ask you a few questions in advance:

  • Did something special occur during the past year – positive or negative?
  • Who is invited and why?
  • What kind of atmosphere do you want to create?
  • How should the corporate event be remembered?

Whether for large or small companies: an exceptional Christmas party is just the right thing. The success of a Christmas event has nothing to do with the number of employees. The specialists at EVENTAGENTUR artimage gear the event specifically to your company. We know, which location provides the right setting and what kind of programme really entertains. Very important: the food. “Did you enjoy your meal?” That’s the question most asked by friends and family. And it has to be answered with an enthusiastic “yes”. However, the culinary delights shouldn’t be the highlight at your Christmas party, but rather accompany the purpose of the celebration pleasantly, just like a good wine would.


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Don’t shy away from entertainment at the Christmas party

The expectations of the staff are high. After all, for many employees this festivity at the end of the year is a thank you of the special kind. One could say, the 13th salary in emotional form. This kind of appreciation cannot be transferred to a bank account. And it shouldn’t be. But as event agency we also know that pressure arises in this context that is not dissolved by a conventional event. Action at the Christmas party creates good dynamics at the event. Sensibly and empathetically we’ll chose just the right entertainment, a positive surprise for the guests, so to speak.

Best practice event agency: Christmas party with game show

A large chemical company from Leverkusen wanted to enjoy their Christmas party while using it as team building event. Every year, five teams from different corporate divisions meet at the Christmas event. In the past, small groups always formed on this kind of events, although the intention was for the participants to mingle. Our task was to create a festive framework, in which the participants would regroup and reach a goal together. “Game show” was the key word. What sounds quite casual and easy, however puts high demands on technology and timing. As event agency with excellent partners, we created a very special, magical Christmas party at the location that had already been booked by the customer. The modern staging of the room with colourfully illuminated Christmas trees underlined the fun factor while simultaneously serving as elegant colour coding according to which the teams would sit together. These special services from our portfolio were employed:

1. Creative Services

 2. Booking / Phase 1 Execution

3. Permits

4. Event / Phase 2 Execution

5. Follow-up

From creative event planning to the precise execution, all services were in our hands. There was a gripping game show in stylish look that was truly worthy of a Christmas party. The balance between entertainment and respectability was perfect.

The Christmas party expresses true appreciation

As event agency we already have created many a Christmas market, accompanied witty Christmas tree activities and arranged merry dinners. Each event was unique – tuned exactly to budget and atmosphere. “We really were able to celebrate with all the guests.” That’s what the bosses that have booked us for the first time always say. By being able to concentrate on their guests, the organisers also bestow a gift on themselves.

By the way: More and more often we offer “kick-off events” at the beginning of the new year instead of Christmas parties. An alternative for you, too? We’ll be happy to consult you and are looking forward to hearing from you. Susanne and Ulrich Kämmerling, and the team of EVENTAGENTUR artimage


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