With the event pros at GrinseKeks children’s events become a game changer:

The agency for children’s events from Leverkusen will swing that

Just because the participants are small, that doesn’t mean that the demands to a children’s event or to its execution should be lowered. Those who appreciate young visitors and treat them accordingly, have much to gain with a children’s event: a relaxed atmosphere, the gratitude of the parents and customers of tomorrow. The event specialists, Susanne and Ulrich Kämmerling, at EVENTAGENTUR artimage have realised that early on. In 2010, they founded GrinseKeks – the agency for children’s events. Here, ideas taste like fantasy, free moving space and exploratory spirit.

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Children’s birthday party? Not an event!

Let us be clear: As agency for children’s events we don’t organise birthday parties. GrinseKeks develops ideas for children’s events when children

  • are the target group in the marketing strategy of a company,
  • are welcome at the district festival, the corporate celebration or an anniversary,
  • accompany their parents to fairs, concerts or roadshows.

As agency for children’s events we want to plan your event perfectly. That is why our event management asks a few questions in advance:

  • Why is the special and professional childcare important to you?
  • Do you already have experience with children’s events?
  • Which age classes will be invited?
  • Should the children’s parties be themed?

Children and events can be the perfect match. Therefore, we define the event to suit children. That means: It won’t be “cutesy-dainty” or “grapply-rompy”. And it won’t be a miniature edition of the event for adults. It will simply be an event for children.

Grasping joy with a handful of services for the children’s event

Moving, creating, music, food, learning – that is how we named the service areas for children’s events. From these components we create the attractions for the children’s event. There will always be phases or areas for quiet and creative children as well as for dynamic visitors. The game stations at your children’s party are harmonically geared to each other. We place great value on ahealthy and child-oriented nutrition. We don’t offer sweet sodas and greasy fast food. It is more exciting to develop cooking itself as idea for the children’s party – of course without knifes or fire in the mix.

Best practice event agency: children’s event for the concert tour of the band Unheilig

There are bands whose music connects people from different generations – Unheilig is one prominent example. The musicians around the front man Der Graf understood  this tendency and accordingly wanted to design their winter tour 2010/2011 with a family-friendly concept. Each concert also had to be a children’s party. Our event management developed the ideas in close cooperation with the tour management. EVENTAGENTUR artimage turned individual game stations into a truck concept. The “Unheilig Kinderland” was mobile, visually even more attractive and easy to handle for the crew. This idea of a mobile children’s event was unique. We used the following services for the realisation:

1. Creative Services

 2. Booking / Phase 1 Execution

3. Permits

4. Event / Phase 2 Execution

5. Follow-up

The truck was a children’s festival in every sense of the word: The attractions were placed indoors and outdoors. Those who preferred a little quiet went inside, to the “tattoo studio, the arts and crafts department or the chill zone. Wii guitar competitions and drum sessions alternated on the mini stage outside. The parents could relax in the lounge area while keeping an eye on their children. As agency for children’s events we met the requirements of families and organisers 100%.

Your children’s event in best hands

Safety and attention are a number one priority at children’s events. Our teams have been especially trained for that. They monitor the children’s party attractions attentively and provide safety assistance for all activities. The GrinseKeks crew

  • always consists of men and women,
  • is friendly and calm in all consultations,
  • has a neat and cultivated appearance.

Children can rely on our team – on the swings, while doing arts and crafts and making music.

GrinseKeks – the agency for children’s events from Leverkusen knows how to make you smile. Celebrating with us is child’s play.


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