Curtains up – on-stage and in our minds

The art of finding the right artist

Let us first express our respect: Many, yes, many artists give everything for their job. Be it as singer, illusionist, acrobat: They work almost around the clock. Even when their body, mostly their central instrument, is resting, their mind is very much awake. Creative people hear, see and feel more than others. They perceive vibes, trends and atmospheres, and connect these perceptions with their personal abilities. A new act is born. But where is the line between commercial entertainment and free art? We fathom that time and time again and find the best people for corresponding ideas.

The trade fair “Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg”: pure inspiration

We visit the IKF in Freiburg regularly. Where professionals and newcomers present themselves and one impressive performance follows another. When there, we leave little to chance. We plan our visit and look for performers that fit our customers. However, a portion of our time is reserved for discoveries. And what can artists expect from us? Safe planning, friendly and accommodating logistics and proper contracts. We are a partner on equal footing.

Giovanni steals wallets and enriches the hearts

Giovanni Alecci can confirm that. Effortlessly, the performer combines magic and comedy, as pickpocket, thimblerigger, spoon bender. In January 2018, we met him for an interview. “The undisturbed preparation for my performance is especially important. Nobody is supposed to see how I get ready”, says the magician. When he works with us, a secluded area is always reserved for him to make sure that his performance is perfect. Of course, catering and refreshments are available. But these are nothing but external conditions. Let’s stay with Giovanni. We book him as pickpocket when loss or safety are figuratively a topic at the event. He demonstrates these topics up-close and provides great tips afterwards. At a corporate event, Giovanni creates suspense, dissipates it in a charming way and conveys useful knowledge. Especially at the Christmas party, when everybody is all about the presents, a pickpocket can be an entertaining counterpoint. With his fork bending art he supplements every dinner perfectly – be it at the summer party or at the corporate anniversary. In doing so Giovanni shows at second glance how fragile everyday things are.

The more special, the better the matching

As event agency we work out a key message together with our customers. If there is a matching creative staging, we incorporate song, comedy or artistry. They can provide relaxation or accompany the guests towards a new theme block. Art conveys contents, ease, lust for life. And we bring all those components together.