How we delivered a top performance à la Jules Verne in September

In Jules Vernes’ adventure novel, Phileas Fogg and his servant Jean Passepartout travel around the world by steamship, train or elephant. They won their race against time. As did we last September! Although we use modern vehicles, work as a team and leave no room for circumstance: Thanks to precise planning we realised four events that partly took place simultaneously. Our compass? The guests and their needs. Here is our report on our tour “around the world of events”. Let’s go!

06 September 2018, 2:32 pm +++ The event technology for Haniel Leadership Lab is all set

The most comprising project, time-wise, begins: At the Haniel Leadership Lab, more than 100 managers and digital experts of the Haniel group gather in Duisburg. The theme: “Digital Change: It´s all about connecting people.“ Ten months ago, we started creating the event, taking “network”, the theme of the event, into account in every detail. We visualised concepts for decoration, catering and programme as well as technical solutions for safety and evacuation by means of our special software by easyRAUM. During the second phase, all components were booked and geared towards each other. Then, we made ourselves familiar with the location. As off 06 September 2018, we began implementing what had theoretically been clear for the conference. With approximately 300 sq m, a huge, empty room and a foyer of the same size on the Haniel premises were transformed into a futuristic laboratory for smart ideas and spirited cooperation.

07 September 2018, 12:48 pm +++ Traffic management for the anniversary of the “Neue Bahnstadt” in Leverkusen-Opladen is ready

When what seemed to be half of Leverkusen, from the toddler to the state premier of North Rhine-Westphalia, meets at the “Neue Bahnstadt Opladen” district, then the plan for the anniversary celebration must be perfect. The guests of the 10th “Brückenfest” celebration are of all ages, origins and standards. During the creative phase, we developed a programme that incorporated fun as well as space for the presentation of volunteer work. The parole for all guests, big and small, prominent and normal: safety first! That is why we set up the street barriers, marked the paths with barrier tape and discussed the evacuation plans with the officers two days prior to the anniversary celebration. On Sunday, 09 September 2018, a cheerful celebration takes place under blue skies … We took care of everything. Only the great weather came by on its own initiative. 

07 September 2018, 4:10 pm +++ Sound-check for the DEPA summer party

Earthly fun for all those who are usually closer to the skies is scheduled for 6 pm: The Spezialisten DEPA Gesellschaft für Kranauslegerbauteile mbH (supplier for the mobile crane sector) celebrates its summer party on its own premises. Fittingly, the setting sun highlights our fun truck with monster speakers and party DJ impressively. Again, we planned the whole celebration, organised it in detail and executed it on the spot. While one team is checking the terrain of the “Neue Bahnstadt Opladen”, the colleagues here are already decorating the folding tables for the summer party. Simultaneously, team #3 is installing the large screens in Duisburg and putting them into operation.

08 September 2018, 10:30 am +++ Carpets for Haniel Leadership Lab are delivered

It’s no trick when digital visualisations become reality, and yet, somehow it is. On Saturday morning, we roll out the specially made carpet in the conference hall and are pleased with the elegant look. Decoration and style are our central services during the realisation of a conference.

08 September 2018, 2 pm +++ Colleagues of GrinseKeks supervise the children’s programme parallel to the legendary soap box cup

What adults find exciting, is actually boring for many children. Our partner agency GrinseKeks organises a corresponding programme with active elements on the one hand and more quiet ones on the other. In this way, the little ones are well cared-for and entertained during the race.

08 September 2018, 4:45 pm +++ Stage for the anniversary of the “Neue Bahnstadt Opladen” is all set

During an anniversary celebration, addresses have to be transmitted just as perfectly as music. Each guest should be addressed positively. We assess strategically, where stage and acoustics have the best effect on a large terrain. The test shows: It worked!

09 September 2018, 2:20 pm +++ Band “Rabaue” heats up the atmosphere at the “Neue Bahnstadt Opladen”

We dared to try something new and brought an up-and-coming rock band from Cologne on stage. In no time, the “Rabaue” bring the Leverkusen citizens to their feet and in front of the stage. Artist scouting with heart and soul – that is our thing! Further artists like the professional big band of the Leverkusen conservatoire are taken care of perfectly and incorporated into the programme. The programme direction runs like clockwork.

09 September 2018, 7:15 am +++ Deep breath in Duisburg

While the colleagues accompany the anniversary of the “Bahnstadt” district, the “Haniel team” stays in Leverkusen and checks the programme direction one last time. After all, the top-class congress starts the day after tomorrow.

10 September 2018, 9:30 am +++ Arranging seating for Haniel Leadership Lab

With furniture in New Nordic style, basically a puristic combination of light wood and pastel shades, we create a relaxed yet inspiring atmosphere. The interior of a well-lit Copenhagen bistro provides room for light communication. Aside from long tables we set up sofas with high backs for secluded interactions, combining them with poufs that can be used if need be. The modular equipment is adjusted to the corresponding event phase: lecture, get-together, work groups, gala.

11 September 2018, 10 am +++ Welcome to the Haniel Leadership Lab

By now, lively conversations fill the conference rooms – the international community communicates in English. Room design, lighting, media technology: Everything has been tuned to the conveyance of information that addresses every cultural environment and also presents the character of the event. The first minutes already show: The participants of the conference feel comfortable and are motivated. The room design makes sure that the energy isn’t lost. Participants develop and articulate their thoughts and stay ever so slightly on the move. A good dynamic develops between lectures, work groups, relaxed interaction and food.

12 September 2018, 5 pm +++ Haniel Leadership Lab: until the next time

“I like the atmosphere here. There have been many suggestions and impulses for the participants of the conference. Now it is up to every single one of us to keep going, make use of the networks and get in touch with the colleagues from the group. I think the participants have learned that networks enable them to use more information, talents, impulses and knowledge.” Dr. Florian Funk, financial executive at Haniel, accurately summarises the two-day conference while the participants are saying their friendly goodbyes. Our team is waiting discretely in the background. Not before the last guest has left the conference do we start dismantling.


We say: Thank you for letting us prepare and execute this productive conference and regional events – always individually and custom-made. We love to be all-rounders.